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What People Say...

Go-To Sushi

Niche has been my go to sushi place for a while. On Tuesday’s take advantage of their 20% off of all sushi special, otherwise it’s a bit pricy. But it’s fresh and delicious with a wide selection of artisan pieces. Service making it can be on the slow side, so best to order ahead, but if you’re willing to wait, browse their little shop or have a delicious coffee. Really nice environment.
- @Stephan L.

A Little Gem

A stunning little gem of a restaurant with awesome coffee and outstanding sushi!!! Just outside town centre next to the river, well worth a visit.
- @Wanderer18530986456

Niche serves great food!

Niche is quite new in town, but has made a good name for itself. Small, and with its own bakery and deli, the food is excellent. They have special "themed" lunches an the last Sunday of every month with a special menu e.g. Chinese, Thai, Indian. The normal menu is small, but with enough variety to suite most tastes. Well worth a visit!
- @Rob_Crothall

Good Food, Good Taste

Freshly made on such and such a day ciabatta bread?